Saturday, March 5, 2011

Google Launches Android anti-fragmentation tool

Google is consistently improving Android and is enhancing its performance by giving something extra from its competitors. Google has made good on a promise to release technology it hopes will restrict Android’s fragmentation problem, a difficulty for programmers who want their software to run on various devices.
Yesterday, the company unleashed a “Fragment” library for older versions of Android. The library is built into the Honeycomb version of Android, offering new tools to sidestep issues like different screen sizes more easily for those using the brand-new Android 3.0. This is the same version of OS that appears on Motorola’s new Android-based Xoom tablet and will arriving on other tablets.
Technical leader for the Android software developer kit Xavier Ducrohet, said the following words in a blog post yesterday:
“Today we’ve released a static library that exposes the same Fragments API (as well as the new LoaderManager and a few other classes) so that applications compatible with Android 1.6 or later can use fragments to create tablet-compatible user interfaces,”

As far as the Google is concerned Google announced the Fragment API in February:
“For developers starting work on tablet-oriented applications designed for Android 3.0, the new Fragment API is useful for many design situations that arise from the larger screen. Reasonable use of fragments should also make it easier to adjust the resulting application’s UI to new devices in the future as needed–for phones, TVs, or wherever Android appears”.

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